Transforming roles of CFO and his staff

Digital Transformation is changing the skills and capabilities of finance and accounting function, it is redefining roles rapidly.

Robotic Process Automation

Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Finance Function is Transforming

With an ability to view business as a whole with financial data, CFO’s office is now increasingly being viewed as integral part of business transformation.

Impact of Digital Transformation in various Finance and Accouting Roles

RolesOverall ImpactRPAAdvanced AnalyticsMachine Learning (ML)Block ChainMobility and advanced collaborationData Privacy & SecurityGrowth in GIG EconomyRegulatory and ComplianceBusiness Partnering EcosystemCloud App and ERP Adoption
Account Payable Executive / Analyst
Vendor Master Management
Client Master Management
Account Receivables Executive / Analyst
Reporting Analyst / MIS Analyst
Taxation Executive / Analyst
Management Personnel
Already Impacted Expected to Impact
Impact Expected
Minimal Impact Expected No sign of
Impact Yet

Emerging Roles in
Finance and Accounts

Transformation Lead

Leads the

Digital Accountants

Expert accountants leveraging systems, tools, functionalities for efficiency and expertise.

Business Growth Partner

Management Accounting Expert- Acts as a bridge between Finance, business and market. Focused on delivering outcomes.

Risk and Compliance Manager

Responsible for the risk & compliance requirements; technology for integrated risk management.

Data Scientist

Responsible for developing and implementing decision models based on collating multiple sources of data

Digital Transformation Engineer

Responsible for identifying and implementing emerging technologies including automation projects within the business.

Process Architect

End to end ownership of the process with emphasis on process design, standardization, technology implementation

Analytics Manager

Responsible for leveraging cross-functional and business data to inform strategic, operational and domain specific decisions.

How do you start?

Digital Workforce

Digital Workplace

Intelligent Automation

Predictive Enterprise Risk

Assisted Insights & Performance Management


People Analytics


Digital Maturity Test


Transform Work Force

Build people +Bot Structure


Accelerated redesign and learning


Digital Workplace Analytics


Finance Productivity Analytics


Pre-built Productivity Platform by Persona


Org Redesign


Process Analytics


Desktop robotics deployment


Augmented / AI innovations


Enterprise Risk Analytics & GAAP Strategy


Machine learning supported risk models & testing


Predictive risk modeling


Strategic measures / KPIs re-design


Desktop analytics deployment


ML / Augmented planning & forecasting


AI driven Performance Management

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